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17-6 on these guys (+$5525) ts is the first $500 bet that im making since last t

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still time to get on the Padres fellas,, dont be afraid to pull that trigger. they gave the giants all they wanted this weekend.The Dodgers were streaky like this last year. we also greatly favor the padre offense to the dodgers (do the dodgers have an offense). Perez for some reason pitches much bettor during the day -Day 2 - 0 era . Take it for what it's worth.LA has only averaged 2 rpg over their last 10. 229 Slg Ave.
Perez is a lefty.17-6 on these guys (+$5525),, this is the first $500 bet that im making since last thursday,, been real lucky with these,, they brought me from $2600 down to almost $3000 ahead, trk can back most of this up and all the banishment plays have been posted here.91 era against padres. The Padres have been a mystery the last month and are playing better ball (not saying a whole lot) right now.29 era against dodgers, Ashby 0-3 5. dodgers 1-4 on mondays. Just too many bad stats for for me to play a young pitcher for a big bet, especially as a favorite.


but didnt the dodgers look awful last night,, ward didnt have a clue,,, did he?. Ill list the reasons later today, im heading to the gym now. If the Padres lose then i wont post in the forum until wednesday evening (except for 3 plays in contest thread tomorrow).Keep up the good work SSI.

SSI I like SD tonight too.Looks like they are in the same form again this year.

Good luck to all Padres bettors tonight.

I agree the Dodgers are not the same team or at least not playing nearly as well as they have earlier this season, and I am not even saying they are a play tonight.

here are some reasons to play the Padres big tonight,,, #1.Granted the pen keeps them in many of the games, but they can't hit their way out of a wet paper bag.

be back today guys with another one, it was a big night for me,, Az winner, Atl winner, SF winner, Fla(losss), Pitt(loss), and big SD winner. or if not, see ya wednesday. the dodgers of the big winning streak (remember that),, is not the same dodger team that is in this slump,, i keep trying to state that teams change during the season (many times), they run hot and cold, the streaks come and go. Ive got a full card up in another post but 1 game stuck out to me for tonight,, Tonights $500 banishment play is the Padres (-1. we are making the Padres a $500 play. also dodgers 2-8 last 10, SD 7-3 last 10.

True, Pitching although not the only thing a good handicapper looks at is certainly the most important. maybe wednesday, if padres lose. season series: Padres 7-3. im going to be 18-6 on $500 plays after this one.444.278Slg ave.

correct, meant to say Oliver. I hope you win your nickel. Vs RHP batAve. this play is contigent upon ashby and perez starting. What scares me is the Dodgers as weak as they are at the plate do hit lefties much bettor than righties. Perez 1-01. LHP bat Ave.Another $500 in my pocket. learn to use these,,,,,, surely everyone would agree this is not the same bad padre team that played the first part of the season,, they are turninginto a better team. Another stat is Home Runs allowed P erez has given up 11 in 51 innings, two of them to the Dodgers on the 2nd.10), laying $550 to win $500.


me too,, this is also the same padre team that took 4 of 6 from the mariners. Padres have won Perez's last 4 starts, including last tuesdays victory over ashby and the dodgers.

looks like the books will do good, then. we like the matchup, more later.

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