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Ok maybe I'm not green enough cause no way

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I'm with PP that it's just silly to put those things in a landfill when they are perfectly usable. And honestly do you not use public restrooms.

I can see what you mean, the initial thought is a little yuck.

Ok now I am head scratching.I have even seen some food items, like bread. They can be disinfected. Same with boxes of cereal or other foods that we've opened tried a bite haven't cared for.I tried it and I decided to go with a different scent.I have even seen some food items, like bread.

Now, I do scratch my head at some of the crap people post. Excelent shape.Ok maybe I'm not green enough cause no way. Sometimes they've only been tried once. Recently we had a yard sale and my MIL had me put her used toliet seat in it. if one of my friends said 'hey, I tried this shampoo but I don't like it, you want it?' I would totally take it. Granted I hate using public restrooms but that is because I have little control over the bacteria/dirtiness factor. Renovation pull-out

That is strange but not gross IMO.

Now, I do scratch my head at some of the crap people post. Ever.If it's still usable, then someone can use it. That's a little more risky and I wouldn't accept it but people always take it. Well I don't think i would ever use one anyway but, here ladies and gents, for your amusement and mine

Offer: White porcelain bidet
message: That's right. Essentially we ask our kids to poop and pee on a piece of cloth every day and then expect them to use it again and talk about how cute their pooped in and peed in diapers are but we won't ourselves sit on a used toilet that's been thoroughly cleaned? I find it very ironic.So, I guess it's not that different.

Hmm, I think it could totally be cleaned and reused as well and I'm not that green

I think used bathtubs are grosser. But anyway.

I think a toliet is the only thing I couldn't get used. no Cracks or chips.So, I guess it's not that different. I don't think it's gross. LOL

I have been one to get rid of entire boxes of half empty shampoo's, conditioners, lotions, etc and I guess I'd have a bigger problem with throwing them away.Stuff like this. I wouldn't take them necessarily because I am darn picky about what goes on my skin/hair and I have smell aversions and DH has now learned to stop buying me bath stuff but I don't really see what is weird about taking it if you aren't picky.

Yeah, sounds totally normal to me.

Ofcourse, I just made that up, but I have seen weird crap like that and thought who would want that Then it is listed as Taken. We've also changed our eating habits and don't eat processed foods anymore so we've gotten rid of quite a few moving boxes of food (we always keep a well stocked pantry)

You know that all a diaper sprayer is, is a bidet. I would have no problem taking a toilet from a public bathroom, putting it my house, thoroughly cleaning it and then I'd use it without giving it a second thought.I tried it and I decided to go with a different scent. So this very well could just be a diaper sprayer.yeah. I've never had a problem with getting rid of it either, people always want it.

I think it is grosser to put usable bathtubs and toilets in a landfill.

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