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You guys have never heard of me cause I do not post

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I played the Sting and I hit.

Thanks for letting me intrude, and you guys keep up the good work

Man that sucks well I myself like the yankees today but Its tough to bet against Pedro

I've seen alot of people like the Yanks today, but if I had to play one game it would be Atlanta. Hope I'm not asking too much. Almost there. For some reason I think it's much harder than say. Well you know what they say, It takes a whole village to raise a child.


I hear ya KMAN -- thanks. And I don't wanna end up in a Pinto, people will start saying things, y'know.he'd have his car by now if he'd have listened to me

Another one I like tonight is the over 132 on the Washington - Charlotte WNBA game.

Did you take the yanks or our you pulling the trigger on braves??????????????

MY BIG BET IS S,D,IALSO LIKE ATL. That guy's pretty good. I usually log-on early in the morning and check out Kodiak7's picks. It looks like everyone in the forum's going for Atlanta -- I gotta say that kinda scares me though.Good Luck!

If they lose then just bet them tomorrow for 4k. So lets all come together tomorrow, as we did tonight, and raise this child. womens basketball, to pick a winner -- but what do I know. Wait a sec. But I do frequent this forum often. Now getting to my point, my car burned up last week (electrical fire with no fire insurance) and I need some scratch to buy a new ride.

braves -130. Russ, what do you mean by pulling the trigger? Are you saying I'm shooting my self by picking Atlanta, or is that a gunshot in celebration after I win?

that is a good point and it should scare you
that everyone is on atlanta - i wouldnt bet that game with your 1500 hundred dollars - but sometimes it is that easy and its not a trap - for me its just a game i stay away from -

KeyserTroyze, NEVER gambling in *your* situation.Too bad. THE OVER.

I'm on my way to the bookee to play the Braves.
and i hope you computer was broke last week for I got HAMMERED!!!!

Atlanta, Atlanta -- it seems like a go.They are by far the better team and you're only laying about -130. I've made a couple hundred dollars here and there with his pick -- thanks Kodiak if you're reading --also that Blacklab fellow kinda smooth, but I've lost many times also which lets me know that no bet's a sure thing.

WSEX has the Yankees at +125 which seems like a good deal despite having to go against Pedro. But the sad part is the bookie didn't allow me to bet that much so I think I might need you guys again tomorrow --- PLEEEEAAASSEE ---- for one more sure pick.

Good luck Keyser, I'm not betting on your game but I'll be rooting for ya

So far so good but Atlanta is sliping up a bit -- 6 to 3.

Well done!

I'm glad you didn't listen to me on the WNBA game. This time I wanna lay about $1,500 on one team -- might not sound like a lot to you guys -- but I'm a little nervous about baseball. Anyways, what I'm asking is which sport is easier to pick a winner and -- this might be asking for much -- what's the one team I should go with today if I wanna get a new car? By the way I had a Cadillac Eldorado 95' -- it was beautiful. It's almost like they're not paying attention

Almost there boys.

Bet Atlanta today.They're at home and Mussina is no slouch either so the money looks pretty good here. You guys are the bomb, I must say

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