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I started my own business making custom crib bedding

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I understand your frustration.I started my own business making custom crib bedding.

fyi, this should probably be moved to the WAHM section.

I've been charging about $100-$200 for full sets, and making sure the people know fully that I'm way under charging because these are sort of testers. I've been requiring 50% deposit before beginning anything. At 5 after I had called her cell about 10 times, she called me back and said she forgot. I think maybe it's time to price things the way they should be.

I just need to vent, I can't really do that on the local board because most of my clients are on there, and my dh is at work.

hope people start following through

I would be in the WAHM section, except I'm not a part of it. I think you might need to just change the way you operate your business. Only ONE has actually paid me!!!
I had someone who was frantic, I agreed to help her out because she needed a set in THREE DAYS! She called at noon yesterday. I DROVE 45 MINUTES TO MEET HER!!!
I have another person who has paid half, I've finished the set and emailed her an invoice for the remainder. I wonder if the low price has been sort of turning people off.
I don't think you should give up - just change your business practices a bit so you aren't taked advantage of in the future. Obviously you put a LOT of time and effort into these custom items. I had and it was constantly updated. Perhaps you should change the way you operate to ensure that you don't waste valuable time and resources before the customer has actually committed to the project. I get a ton of emails and phone calls for requests, but no one follows though with actually placing an order. That will weed out the window shoppers from the serious customers. You can expect to do that when you start up a business. I've been in business over 2 years and I STILL spend a lot of time responding to emails every day. .i have no problem answering a million ?s but i dont consider the communication an order until payment is made to my account

Jenny you should check out Hyena Cart - it is only $5 to get started and the setup is much easier. It's been alot of fun, and I've seen some great ideas and met some fun people. I set up our first web site myself and it took me MONTHS. Only 6 have come thru with actual colors or ideas vs Ummm, I want something cute, but I can't find it.floppydogdesigns. so I've been doing alot of my work at cost (and occasionally making mistakes and being forced to do things below cost) I've had over 20 people email me and ask me to make them things.

Actually, I've been doing exactly what you said. She hasn't responded, but she HAS read the email and has been posting on the local board ALL DAY!

I know what I need to do is make some different stuff, and put those up for sale but I don't have the money to buy thread right now.
You could also check into a trade with a WAHM who can do setup for you.
Do you have a website where you can show your work?

Originally Posted by Melissa~BHSDo you have a website where you can show your work?

Right now I'm sort of between websites (for this weekend really).
The balance would be due before the item is shipped, and if the customer changed their mind make sure you have a restocking fee or TIME feethat is nonrefundable from the deposit.i used to go ahead and make the items so they would be ready to ship but i dont anymore unless i know the mama i had soooooooooooo many orders finished and ready to ship with no payment and no communication and then i was stuck with customs i couldnt sell now i require full payment before i cut the fabric(but i do usually have a 3-4 day turn around on customs) its the only way i can stay sane. She I emailed her my ideas, and she hasn't responded.

Aaah, ok- once you meet the requirements join the WAHM section, there are lots of great tips and advice for your business. I've been working on getting a more professional site and right now, they both suck for the most part. people.
I know it is frustrating and takes a lot of work. I don't think I've been here a full 30 days yet. Some people purchase, others don't.
Hang in there. At least that way your time and material cost is covered, and you can resell the

i cant even count the number of orders ive received with promise of payment next week/tomorrow/in a few days.

I don't get it? Why do so many people agree to things, then not follow thru? Or at least have the decency to be honest and tell me they have no intention of following thru instead of just ignoring emails and not showing up for meetings?

My business is going to go under before I even get started.
OR you could do a NO REFUNDS on custom type of contract. I've also put ALL my money into getting started (actually, all my money and then accidentally into the negative, and borrowed from my husband and parents) I've just started, so I've been sort of testing things and making sure I knew what fabrics would work and how much, etc etc. I spend so much time and energy responding to people who are just looking

I am so sorry what a bummer, I hope things start looking up for you. I'm having to write all the code myself, and I never realized it would be so time consuming. She was supposed to meet me and go over colors today at 3 so I could get started.
For example, you could offer a free quote on a project, but then require a % DOWN before you even get started.

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