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Be wary if you approached in the downtown area of Saigon near thetoney hotels

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I once had a little
herion addicted dickhead try the routine you describe on me (but he used
postcards instead of the mag.

Use money belt, not fanny pack. after a few hours i don´t even know it´s on any more.

- Standard street rules: The standard way of declining any offer (shoeshine,
newspapers, flowers, postcards) is to ignore the person with perhaps a small
no or slight nod of the head while you are engaged with something else
more interesting - don't make eye contact.
nbsp;aware of whats going on around you.

so don´t ignoreall, but get a feeling how things Its OK to skip right past being polite, particularly if
they look like a hard in message
news:d40f0eb5. The mag covers his other hand as he opens
nbsp;your fanny pack. she replied astonished: ah, your name is no thank u? very
interesting name.

- Don't be shy about being absolutely firm with anyone, including young
kids. ))
it shows that she was an english teacher and it appeared to be very
interesting to talk with her.


hi there!

ignoring is a good way to avoid being too much bothered.the tactic is foiled
nbsp;somewhat. but the key is . This happened twice to a friend of mine while we were
nbsp;walking near Notre Dame cathedral recently. 99% of street crime problems will avoid
you if you take your head out of LP and glance around occasionally.0302150708.

definately!! get this books out of your faces, an don´t behave like bloody
tourists !

dicide if you want to see things in a book or in reallife., but.

nbsp;Use money belt, not fanny pack.

Beware of places so crowded people are bumping and nudging against each
other, any vietnamese will tell you that outdoor concerts and festivals are
notorious for pickpockets.the tactic is foiled
nbsp;somewhat. That boy in the pharmacy
is buying syringes because he's diabetic. Don't take photographs of these things.the tactic is foiled
somewhat. Vietnamese will not tolerate
this behavour either.0302150708.
Plus money belts make it obvious you are a tourist.

- Buddist monks who are no longer in a monestory (for whatever reason) may
walk the street slowly, with a bowl in thier hands, eyes firmly fixed on the
ground. Street crime like this in Saigon is
quite common but they really go for quick easy targets and they are gone in
a flash regardless of whether they get anything or not.

Quick tips that may also apply to travel in other places but are at least
true for Saigon:

- A motorcycle with 2 guys pulls up with two guys on it, the rear one gets
off and approaches on whatever pretext. They can pay you no attention either before or after you place food
or money in thier bowls. Just keep an eye on whats going on around you,
without being too paranoid about it. This happened twice to a friend of mine while we were
nbsp;walking near Notre Dame cathedral recently. he'll drop it in a second when he sees its not going to go 100% easily

- You meet a bunch of street kids (or the may be wearing pretty clothes)
comes up to you, some are in front, some are behind you.

I know people who've lived there for years and never lost anything, but I
also met a guy who got robbed twice in the one week. The ones behind are
picking your pockets while you are distracted. Its not your business so stay out
of it. be
aware of whats going on around you.

nbsp;Ooops, once again I appear to have written a book . This happened twice to a friend of mine while we were
walking near Notre Dame cathedral recently.418dd623@posting. The mag covers his other hand as he opens
your fanny pack.Be wary if you approached in the downtown area of Saigon near the
toney hotels. Ignore him and keep right on moving

if you don´t wear a catsuite,a money-belt will be invisibly (and if u don´t
store your LP in it)
in my opinion (or my money-belt) is quit comftable, you just have to get
used to it.
Situational awareness is key. This is polite and they will
leave with no offence after giving you 5-10 seconds to change your mind.). You get the heavy duty bother reserved
for foreigners only. A neat trick is to wear
trousers, a shirt, shoes just like your on your way to that next meeting --
it like you just become invisible! you fall completely off thier radar.
nbsp;Johnwrote in message
nbsp;news:d40f0eb5. Most polite vietnamese are shy of foreigners and really don't pay
them much attention.
nbsp;Be wary if you approached in the downtown area of Saigon near the
nbsp;toney hotels.

- Special street rules:In tourist areas (Phan Ngu Lao, Dong Khoi, in
front of famous buildings/musuems).
A male about twenty will approach and seemingly try to show you
something in a magazine. Eddie is not a monk. If
they get persistent you can be more firm, speak clearly but don't raise your
voice, you can make eye contact but don't smile.

useful for:
-airline ticket

but ALLWAYS have some moneyready in your pockets, forget a purse, and
DON`T start searching for money in your money-belt on the street!
it´s no problem in a bank or a store if u need more money or creditcardciak

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