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There are so many tngs I want to write about ts from the hotels to London to the

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You need to go to the nasty looking one!

Here, around one side of the building you will see a white hut, and two lines either side of it.There will be someone with a clip board who hast to strike you off their list as having arrived! But I could be wrong on that.

They usher everyone through the doors and a lady hands you a dashing pink folder that you have to put your questionnaire in, your passport, your medical record, and a photograph.Then they give you all the details of your visa, IE 6 months to use it, 3 months to marry once you get there, you cant leave without a special form or they wont let you back in!You know the drill.

The guy on the next desk will ask to see your letter, but probably not pat much attention to what is written on it.

Next was the embassy.One is for work visas and things like that, the other is for more permanent residences.

We get to the hotel and as you look through the glass doors of the lobby you can see our room! Number 99!Sound wise, nothing got in, and I doubt anything got out!But yet we still felt like they had dumped us in the basement or their “bargain priced� accommodation.Confirming reports, I can say it was a lady plasma technician!But contrary to reports, she was actually quite chatty and nice! Perhaps it was just because I was the first of the day.My face turned a very funny colour, I can tell you!I told them they had made a mistake and they agreed with me.When I saw a fairly large line forming outside the doctors, I thought that I might have a long day coming, but I didn’t.The right door was the door he told me to go through and I said to him: “erm, I think I need the left door� and he said: “oh, ok then� what security!

There you have to give your appointment letter to a person at a booth who will then ask you to sit down.I called up and got quoted £99 a night, which is pretty good for London but not very good for my bank manager!The lady on the phone told me that their sister hotel, The Concorde was cheaper at £79 a night instead and this still came with the complimentary continental breakfast, and en-suite shower and lavatory.I was concerned that I would have to use my credit card, as I didn’t fancy carrying £125 around London with me!But when I got there, there seemed to be notices saying: “Please make cheques payable to…� and other signs saying you could use a switch card, which would have been a big help.

Then the X-ray guy gives you your X-ray in a rolled up envelope and instructs you not to fold it and to carry it in your hand luggage when you travel for presentation to customs officials when you land.The waiting room is very hot and stinky, and it gets worse as the day goes on!There is a TV screen that gives you all kind of information regarding what you should have done, and still need to do.

The position you have to stand in for the X-ray is quite awkward, but it only lasts a few seconds anyway.That is easy enough to prepare for, but some people hadn’t even filled out the questionnaire, and believe me the sooner you get it all done and prepared the better!

I was first to get my folder in (how ace was that!!??) and once the initial hubbub has calmed down they start to call people. Very interesting
Congrats and thanks for the detailed information.

Next they tell you to go straight to the embassy and show your appointment letter to the relevant people on the way.

Next you put any baggage you have on the X-ray machine and they ask you questions about any metal objects you are carrying and ask you to give your mobile phone over to the guy on the next desk.Your police record, picture, birth certificate, affidavit of support etc, and then you sit back down and wait to get called for the big interview!!!

The big interview is conducted a few booths down! No giant room, no imposing desk and office just you and a really nice guy!

He goes through your stuff and asks you if you swear that all the information is correct.

Then, this is the important part.Once in there the doctor checks your blood pressure and asks you a few questions like: “when was the last time you saw your partner?�“Have you met their parents?� things like that, which I wasn’t expecting, but I got the impression it was small talk rather than ‘hard questioning’! (You don’t even get any hard questioning!!!!)

The doctor also listens to your heart and chest, and then sends you to get dressed once all is done.

The best of it was that when we came to check out, they tried to tell us the room was £120 a night.� But there is a slight need for queuing.There will be, as reported, a really loud, shrill noise to warn you they are about to make a call, and then the call itself is virtually inaudible!

At this point you go to the reception and they make you sign a form and the front of your picture.HOWEVER!! I do not know whether or not you can pay by cheque or switch, they might have been signs intended for other kinds of services, I just don’t know!Call and check with them first perhaps.Now listen closely.You skip out of the building! Kiss babies in passing prams, shout a lot and draw way too much attention to yourself, for your 6 months of waiting are over and nearly all of your dreams have come true!And it was so easy!

It’s just like cooking a stir-fry, it’s the preparation that takes all the time!

ps.Then he goes through parts of your partners package about things like how you met, when was the first time you met in America, first time in Britain, how long have you known each other, etc, so make sure you get a copy of your partners letter to revise with, or failing that, try and love your partner and maybe share everything? Worked for me!

The guy will then tell you, you can wait in the same room where it is hot and smelly, or you can go and explore London and come back for 12:30 for the results of your medical and visa!

Believe me, you should leave!But remember to hang on to your appointment letter, you need it to get back in!

When you go back in you just need to tell the people you have arrived, and then wait for your name to be called.Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my stay and would recommend the place to anyone, anyone who were willing to pay a little more money that is.

After you hand over your cash, they send you down some stairs to give blood.They then give you your passport back, and ask for payment.


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