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I have a 8 month old

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Most days we have very few misses.

Sometimes DD needs warm water on her feet to help her go or the sound of water running in the back ground. I think its quite helpful, it has a section for ECing older babies. I try to discourage toys in the bathroom so she has nothing to play WITH and does get tired of being there after some time but at this point she usually pees every 30-40 minutes. If shes not ready then I wait another 10 minutes. Hopefully when they decide to try at home it will just come quickly. I love the concept of ecing. It meant she was going to get wet! She is past the point (at 12 months) to know to cue like younger babies do but she is learning. For them they just need to change it up every now and then.
Hope this helps. She was crying and I was thinking. I did the same thing as last time. My 12 month old who i did a little off and on with since 4 months (mostly off) I just started up again is doing GREAT during the day. LOL. I continued to do this leaving her bare bottomed during the day for about a week not really jumping to catch but definitely paying attention to her habits and schedule.

I started at around 5-6 months and now at 16 months she regularly tells me when she has to go. I haven't changed a poopy diaper in months! We still have a couple of missed pees everyday. I have been trying with my little one, she is 6 mos now, and is content to just sit on the potty forever, never pees, but does as soon as she gets in the tub, lol. Good luck!

Diaper Free Before Three - Jill Lekovic

Great book. The first time she peed with no diaper she looked shocked and moved a little (was able to lift herself up a little on her hands during tummy time) and immediately started crying.The basic idea is that your baby can communicate to you when he/she has to go and if you listen and give them the opportunity (and a verbal signal that its time) they will go on the potty (or wherever). Then at 4 months I decided to let her go BARE BOTTOM! She loved it. I want her to be comfy with the toilet. They are 16 mos now, and doing great at my house, I have changed 2 dirty dipes in 3 mos(between the two of them). I calmly explained that this is where you go potty.its like she is holding it on the potty, so if you'll share your success story i'd love to hear it!

I'd like to hear the story too!

Well the first catch we ever made was at 2 months.for whatever their reason is, mom and dad are not willing to take them potty at home, even though they have commented that they keep finding them in the bathroom just looking at them. I started by just setting them on the little potty a couple of times so they wouldnt be scared.

lovinclothmama, just wondering what you have done that has worked for you. My 12 month old who i did a little off and on with since 4 months (mostly off) I just started up again is doing GREAT during the day.

I literly went 3 weeks with NO poopy diapers and was just so happy. You really just have to be creative
Any more questions let me know! . I did a few potty times through out the months but I really got back into it (now my emotions are better) recently. So I lifted her up cleaned her off and put her on the potty making the psss sound even though she already went.

It helps to keep his expensive diapers from getting stained, as well

Totally possible. It sounds time consuming but really its not.I have a 8 month old. Its just pee and you can always rinse the tub out.

Originally Posted by lovinclothmamaTotally possible. The first time they just looked at me like what the****so i made the sign for toilet, and grunted just like they were, its like a little light went off, they smiled and pooped.

I started to EC/PT the twins that I take care of when they were about 13 mos. After about a month they would take off running to the potty at a pottytunity time. Has anyone ecd or potty trained a baby around 1 year old? I tried ecing earlier, but I felt like I couldn't get anything else done. I don't actually agree with most of it, but supposedly it works GREAT!

what exactly is ec'ing?

what exactly is ec'ing?
localhost/is quite possibly the coolest thing ever. Most days we have very few misses. and now if they need to go other than those times they stand in the bathroom door and look at me until I ask if they need to potty. hmm maybe she needs to pee so I took her to the bathroom, removed her diaper cradled her in my arms over the toilet and made the pssss sound and she peed!! I was ecstatic! I was so excited that I decided to try again with NO successmainly because I was being too up tight about it so I gave it a rest. Full on naked time. If after 30 minutes no pee i just wait 10 minutes then take her back. At this point its all about timing.
I did buy the diaper free baby by chirstine gross-loh. BUT due to emotional problems I stopped again.My lo is only 4 months old and almost always goes on the potty (or when I hold him over the sink, or in the parking lot between shopping trips, or wherever).and they are often dry when I take them potty. Every 30-40 minutes I take her to the potty even if she just sits there and play. they are here 7:30-5 I take them regularly 3 times, after meals, and after nap. well I am doing my part. She really responds a lot better to being able to KNOW what that feeling meant. It only takes like 1 minute to potty her versus fighting to hold her down to change her diaper!

My biggest suggestion is that if you LO wants to pee in the tub then let her! Its normal! A lot of babies go through phases where they don't want to go on the potty or toilet but WILL in the tub, sinks, outdoors, or even in bowls.

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