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As many of us don't allowed to work right now maybe here is a way to spend some

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And, as an analysis in a French newspaper was putting it: Saddam likes his life more than he hates us, whereas Bin laden hates us more than he likes his life. 11, there were hate crimes perpetrated against muslims and mosques.

In a recent exercise of violence, in the name of peace. There are
still people alive who remember how it is to find their cities
destroyed, watch their family members die. Then, what comes after the war? Unless the US/West is ready to do something like the Marshall plan with Europe in 1946, it is not going to solve problems. we now take the responsibility to protect our selves, and the western world, from the threat of islamic fundamentalism.this is who you are casting your lot with. it is being done by International Socialists. I think there are other ways.Oddly enough, the main benificiaries in the opinion polls seem to be the Tories, who support the war, and not the Liberal Democrats, who don't. we are not a conquering country, we are a protecting country.He is a vile tyrant, and nothing but further horrors can be realized from his continuance in power.

I'm not sure what you are saying here.either one are perfectly willing to distort the truth, and manipulate *your* mind, in order to achieve their objectives. I think it was something that someone told you.

The French might feel differently if the Eiffel Tower was today a hole in the ground, and they didn't have a $50B oil deal with Saddam.

I don't believe that there are any honrable reasons to go and bomb Iraq. putting postive energy into any situation can do no harm.


Well, MuJu, on September 11, 2001, we watched NYC being bombed, and thousands of people die. Nothing you or I can do about the reality of that.

It seems some people are more susceptible to government propaganda than others.should we have *not* done this? Should we withdraw and let Serbian violence resume?

Intervention, violent intervention, has its place.

perhaps they are talking about this more expansively on
alt. think about it MuJu, think about it.

I think that describing this as GWB's motivation is a pathetic distortion ofthe facts. If you want to fight terrorism, you do not have american soldiers marching in Bagdad. What GWB, and the US is getting ready to do, is a noble sacrifice of putting our young soldiers in harms way, to, ultimately, protect *your* way of life in Europe.*nobody* is immune from this. this is who you are casting your lot with.

Well, MuJi, injustice and cruelty inflicted upon our fellow man is the story of the history of humanity.

there is no question whatsoever that SH has been in continuous and egregious violation of the 1991 UN resolutions.This monster has to be stopped now. Don't hang your head about this MuJu.You are just parroting something that someone has told you is the case.
nbsp;gt;gt;this is who you are casting your lot with. it is not our way.

I would much rather it be on our terms, now,than a nuclear-capable SH in the near future.

nbsp;gt;The French/German/Russian are notoriously anti semitic, and this finds
nbsp;gt;expression in their protectionist attitudes towards the Iraqi regime.
Disclaimer: I am not defending Saddam Hussein.iraq.

The only Iraqi people I know, came long ago to Germany for asylum, as they got tortured by the Iraqi regime for their political views.

It is true that at least France has a foreign policy that is more conscious of the Palestinian problem than the US foreign policy that has a tendency to back Israel no matter what (even when Israel violates UN resolutions).

it's not just bombing Iraq .But this time, rather than it being done by National Socialists. To speak about what I know, France, there has been a couple inacceptable acts against Synagogues in the past few years that were perpetrated by extermists.

Just remember the phrase Peace in our time

The biggest question really needs to be once the war is done what then?
Is America prepared to station troops there for the next ten years and pour money into the country in order to rebuild it?

There is no point in winning the war if you lose the peace.

Although it all happened long before my lifetime, I still think we Germans have a special responsibility to do everything to avoid that things like that ever happen again. I. Have you read about Afghanistan? Warlords are still fighting and the future seems very uncertain.


Roll on my right to vote, though I suspect Bush will have been drop-kicked out of office long before then, and replaced by a sensible Democrat (Hilary, we love you )

I also wonder if Tony Blair is going to be able to hold on to another term in offic after this fiasco is over; whats his approval rating in the UK?
nbsp;gt;gt;go put some positive energy into Baghdad. How would people feel if you had Iraqi soldiers marching in Paris, Berlin, London or Washington? Well, that gives you a preview as to how all the arab world might feel about a war with Iraq.
When do you think George W.We're doing what we can to prevent that from happening again.nbsp;gt;peace and positive energy are very powerful things if
nbsp;gt;people would give them a bit more time and less time to war talk and
nbsp;gt;aggressiveness.On my father's side, we have been in the US since the 1700's - Hessian mercenaries. I. That was at a time when your and our governments were still supporting Sadam Hussein.

nbsp;War can only be a very last way.

And, b the way. there is no plan, whatsoever, to wipe out Iraq. putting postive energy into any situation
nbsp;gt;can do no harm. So, Saddam might be a pain in the neck to deal with, but he is, in my opinion at least, a fake target.Go figure. myself am participating in the
nbsp;gt;Indianapolis peace rally.

I hope that what they really taught you was how easily populations are duped by propaganda. So.

When did you come to the conclusion that his is GWB's motivation???I don't think you came to this conclusion on your own. The German people, too, have been victimized in the course of history . groupe-thinke . why else would you have an anti missle system???

So, rather than hearing any expression of gratitide to the US, for wasting our national treasure to protect *your* ungrateful ass, what we get instead is a bunch of weaklings and sissies who are fully prepared to believe the most transparent and distorted propaganda that is served up by the leftists and bleating press.

Originally posted by beyness
I do not think Saddam is a good man, but I don't think thousand of women, children, and soldiers must die to rid the world of one man.Just as we have done for the last 50 years. it's the story of humanity, and not the unique experience of the German people.

In school I got tought what big unjustice and cruelty my nation has brought to millions and millions of people.

Yes the west put Saddam into power and supported him when it suited us. one of the common retorts is would it have been justified to violently stop Hitler in the early 1930s?????By exercising some wisely applied violence back then, we could have prevented the unspeakable horrors, who's echoes are a part of your national heritage. I just want to rectify what was said.
There is still hope.
nbsp;Did you know that the Germany is sending antimissile systems to Israel
to protect the Israli people from Iraq?what antimissile system is that? I didn't know that Germany had developed an antimissile system? For what reason do they have an anti-missile system? Who would the be concerned about being an enemy??

Is this a NATO system or one owned outright by the German military?

nbsprobably not.localhost/Who has never seen so many people like today on the Seattle peace rally.You not only cave in and are immediately prepared to believe this crap, but you are now going over to the other side, and supporting an islamic dictator with a history of large scale crimes against humanity. do you still maintain that there is no justification for violence? SOme madmen need to be dealt with violently. my Grandparents on my mothers side emmigrated to the US in the early 1900's. I don't know if you are currently in Germany, or have emmigrated to the US. war with Algeria), as it would trigger more hatred against the West in the form of terrorist acts and allow more extremism to develop. We were right about the Soviets, we are right about the islamic radicals.

nbsp;I think its revenge and hatred and thirst for oil.that it is preferable to have
ongoing atrocities, yet everyone is still happy???? This sadly sounds
like whistling past the graveyard .gif[/img]osted vialocalhost/

Originally posted by Paul Wolaver
beyness wrote:

nbsp;gt;Thank you for posting this. If we had not stopped him, he would have conquered SAudi Arabia, and most of the Persian Gulf I remember stories my grandpa told me about being bombed. That
was at a time when your and our governments were still supporting
Sadam Hussein. There are still people alive who remember how it is to find their cities destroyed, watch their family members die.

The one big thing people are missing is that at the moment because it is not a UN force that will invade Iraq, as in the gulf war. Thanks to all who joined.It happened to your people before in the 1930's, and it is happening to them again, with this anti-American disinformation that the left-sympathising press loves to control you with.I've been to Cambodia, India, and Nepal, where absoultely attrocious things have happened and are still happening and the people were happier there than I've seen in a lot of Western countries. Bush decided to go and whipe out that country?


Who has never seen so many people like today on the Seattle peace rally.
This is probably the first time ever I fell good about being a German.The only real difference here is that the victors of WWII recorded it all on film and photographs, and your people were held accountable.
In 1989, we watched Saddam invade Kuwait, and the Kuwaiti people watched *their* family members die. Has the US been an occupying army in Germany,or a genuine friend and partner?have we extracted war reparations from you?????Did we treat you the way the Soviets treated you in East Germany, and the rest of Europe??? No.I've been to Cambodia, India, and Nepal, where
nbsp;gt;absoultely attrocious things have happened and are still happening and
nbsp;gt;the people were happier there than I've seen in a lot of Western
nbsp;gt;It can be done.
I feel so sorry and sad about this, I cant tell.

I do believe that the threat of war is the only thing that is making Iraq cooperate with the UN inspectors.

Your grandparents *saw* so many people in the nazi rallys in the 1930s. it's unfortunate that your people (mine too, really), continue to to be held accountable for the actions of two generations ago, but it's going to take centuries for that episode to be forgotten.I have seen that many people in the anti-war protests in the US in the 1960s. unlike SH. This comes in part from our history where we had colonies in Nothern Africa, Lebanon, and Syria, and from the fact that a growing percentage of the French population is muslim.

Originally posted by Paul Wolaver
The French/German/Russian are notoriously anti semitic, and this finds expression in their protectionist attitudes towards the Iraqi regime.

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