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We have 2 Ent's here in town (yeah small place)

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I asked while we were in the hospital if I could get something like that to use at home and they laughed and said that everyone asks that but the answer was no.50 centsWhich I have a couple of extra any way and they said one was good for so many uses

And by the way, I'm not ignoring your PMs.I wish I had known that you could get the hospital grade machine a year ago.My DD is 7 months old, has been suctioned since day one and has no damage so far.One of them did his surgery and the other we just went to see upon recommendation after last occurance of Bronchitis and sinus infection on may 2.And it won't clear him up for days, but for $20, I think it's definitely worth it.It's definitely more effective than the little blue bulbs.I think I'd be a little scared to use that by myself though! he told us it definitely would need 2 people.But even suctioning 20 times a day and puking quite a bit, she's gaining fine (actually too much for a while!).She said that they have to be careful because if they do it too frequently, it can actually cause more irritation in the lining of the sinuses and make things worse.irator.specialtymedicalsupply.bad.depends on the child.

Did they also teach you how to break the mucous up?

no they didn't on that. You don't know how close I came to getting that bebe sounds aspirator from walmart.He did one session with landon right there in the office and landon was clear all weekendLandon's regular doctor who referred us to the other ENT uses it for one of her triplets and says it's made night and day difference in him feeling well and not feeling well.Great that your DDis doing well and gaining despite her reactions.First we do the saline, then immediately the patting, then when she starts coughing, we suction.And it will make it easier to get the catheter in there so you don't scrape the skin.

Did they discuss saline with you? They didthey also told us we could dip the tip of the catheter in mineral oil, ky or anything like that to lubricate it a bit. Landon's regular doc told me she uses it for her son and it ALWAYS makes a huge difference in how he feels and she felt it would be beneficial for landon to use.The actual suction catheter isn't wht does it since we don't go back far enough to trigger her gag, but the mucous coming up hits it and causes her to gag.

Expect some vomiting.We use 10fr suction catheters, so yes, it's like a tiny tube that goes on the end.James will even come up to me pointing at his nose and wanting me to use it.She did at first though!She has to be suctioned about 20 times a day because she aspirates when she swallows.Now I just make her cough (she has a sweet spot that triggers it) and she brings everything up.Depending on her position I can either wipe it away, suction it out, or a combo of both.But after some practice it's really no big deal.We use 10fr suction catheters, so yes, it's like a tiny tube that goes on the end. that was friday and his nose didn't run all weekend until late sunday nite it did a small amount.But even suctioning 20 times a day and puking quite a bit, she's gaining fine (actually too much for a while!). YEAH RIGHT!!I have high hopes that maybe someday landon will warm up to it like he did the nebulizer.In the ER, it wasn't just a tube, it had a little funnel shaped tip on it. nasty looking too. LOLI visited a friend who lives on a gravel road and about 30 seconds onto it, DD coughed up the biggest loogie ever all by herself!Just today we hit a few good bumps and the same thing happened.i found it right before we had an appt in augusta.I can now suction her out better than ANY doctor or nurse just because I know her so well.Anyway, someone gave me one of these:localhost/as a gift and while it's not anywhere near as powerful as the one in the hospital, it does work great and James actually likes using it (as opposed to the bulb thing that requires two people to hold him down and a third to do the suction!)This one doesn't work that well if the snot is really thick but a few drops of saline help that.It was disgusting how much stuff came out but to be honest, we saw a HUGE improvement in him right away.A couple of days later, while we were still in the hospital, they had the respiratory therapist come in and do it again but that time she just used the tiny little tube.Now I just make her cough (she has a sweet spot that triggers it) and she brings everything up.If the goal of both machines is to suck junk out of your kid, they are probably the same thing.

Not sure if it's the same thing but we have a portable suction machine. Interesting.

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