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My fiancee coax me into settle Oz so please write me some informationsabout labo

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As a UK lawyer it would be easiest to apply to Queensland as they have a procedure for conditional admission. You better know if they
wanted to help you. It's finding someone in that position!

My husband is an aircraft maintenance engineer so I don't think that will help you.

Hi Wieko

I'm a solicitor admitted in England and Wales, looking to emigrate to Oz.
nbsp;Wiekowrote in message

We live in Poland, I am a lawyer and My fiancee is a human resources
manager. Of course I was watching job
serwices in the net, but it doesen't bring informations about I
suppouse, I will have little bit more problems then my spouse, so please
write me what chances for job have young lawyer without australian
exrerience, during the process of admission (1,5 - 2 year).google.

For your info, I did apply to be admitted in Western Australia.

HI Nicstids,

It would be wonderful if you could tell me some info about lawyer's labour
market after your interviews in Aussie! When are you going to back? May I
post on your e-mail box? Are you going to use this adress? I will appreciate
for news from first hand. What salary could I expect
nbsp;on start? How much money can young solicytor earn?.
How many subjects do you have to exam and how long will it take? I have to
lern 13 subjects.


Uzytkownik Gdalyanapisal w wiadomosci
news:9eda66a7. However, you're right - with a civil law background I'm sure the position will be different. I'm in the same boat as you in that I'm not sure how employable I will be in Oz without actually being admitted there. I'm posting this on and you may find it easier to communicate through there. I thought that, with a degree from Oxford and 13 years post admission experience, they might admit me without too much difficulty. Are you going to study on University of Queensland? I'm
sorry for nondiscret question - how much will it cost?

If I could give you an advice - maybe should you find english lawers who
have been emmigrate to OZ and ask them how looked their first steps? Of
course I don't know mentality of english emmigrants.
nbsp;gt;. That put me off rather!They did send me details of a Bridging for Overseas-Trained Professionals Loan Scheme which is an interest-free loan for overseas trained professionals who are seeking to work in regulated professions in Australia. Where (what kind
of organisation) could be employee a lawyer without admission to solicytor?
How do You think, wchich cities should we settle? What salary could I expect
on start? How much money can young solicytor earn?

Of course I'm interesting of situations of my human resources manager who is
great specialist and wonderful woman. Wrong!! They want me to do exams in 7 subjects and I would have a 12 month post-admission restricted practice condition. I'm not even sure I want to work as a solicitor out there. My process of admittion
will be so long.

Hi Wieko,

Re your reply - I should explain that I'm not having any interviews in Oz but am simply going to make enquiries of legal recruitment agencies as to whether firms would employ me effectively as a paralegal until such time as I'm admitted.


Thanks, very interestning
I'm asking, becouse maybe the info which he's going to search about his job
situation helps my fiancee. What salary could I expect
nbsp;on start? How much money can young solicytor earn?.au/joboutlook/OccCatSearch
nbsp;Only statistics, of course. Chicken and egg situation really! The best place to try to be admitted is Queensland apparently.
nbsp;Check up this link:
nbsp;gt;localhost/jobsearch. We're actually applying on the basis of my husband's skills and we're getting 5 points for spouse skills by having my degree assessed by Vetassess. Principal aplicant will be my fiancee. It may be time for a career change!

I'm back at the end of April. We know rules of admission our occupations but we don't know how
our professions are wanted in

Only statistics, of course. I'll try to remember to post when I get back to let you know.

Incidentally I don't know how much research you've done but, if you want to apply for skilled migration as a lawyer, it is pretty difficult unless you are admitted first in an Australian state.

Check up this link:

How is your husband's occupation? My fiancee is a human recources manager. How much HR Managers are wanted in
Aussie and how are they earning?

Thank You for info

Wiekowrote in message news:.758d7558@posting. Please feel free to email,
My fiancee coax me into settle Oz, so please write me some informations
about labour market in Aussie. We're going over to Oz in April to have a look around and I plan to speak to some recruitment agencies to see how employers regard foreign qualified lawyers.!



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