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We've always had a good crew that worked together but the basng has shown a big

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Thanks. The people who follow this board know better to buy into that. Trust me there will be some flaming, just the way it is.We have people here betting money, we have pride, we have personalities and more importantly we have ego's.

Honestly it shouldn't be allowed anywhere. Things just happen on the internet and people get caught up in it once in a while, doesn't make anyone a bad person. Just brush them off as guys trying to get noticed.

This nonsense is the exact reason why alot of respected posters over the last couple of years have drastically cut down their time here or have cut the rx out completely.Starts small with just a couple of guys taking part and then others see it so they join in. Good luck t his 2nd half of the year, let's make some money.

The RX then wants to know what can be done to keep people happy especially long time posters who are the backbone of the site but in the end the stupidity wins out because it equals traffic.Stay clear of those areas if you are offended by that and help us keep the common areas clean like you want them. Sometimes it does get too silly for my tastes but I know what I am in for if I go down there.

The point is foodfights are dumb really have no place on a sports gambling forum. Up here flaming and bashing is not something that people want to see and they should not be expected to weed through it.
I agree. LOL. I can see some jokes which are not meant to be taking seriously but when it looks like people are stalking each other daily in threads, it has gotten out of hand.

I have nothing against you Pat, I'm just sharing an unbiased overall opinion. However the snide remarks and insults at guys that are losing we can do without.the outhouse is for only the dumbest threads. and that they need a place for this. We will even copy a thread and send it down there so you can make your point.We've always had a good crew that worked together but the bashing has shown a big increase of late.Others like you may not like it all and that is understandable as well.

We all know that anyone foolish enough to use the L word is not too sports savvy.

You can still move the threads there but if anything most of these bashing threads should be totally deleted as they serve no purpose other then hits.I totally agree with you about foodfights. Up here we will try our hardest to stay away from it.

I know what the RR was orginally created for but then the Outhouse was created it was agreed upon that the dumbest threads would go there hence its subtitle. We have listed over 12,000 posters here (though that many don't post) and each one of them will have their own vision of what this place should be. Also it is used as a tool for the mods to clean up the rest of the forum, send it down there to keep the garbage out of the pick forums.Most honest posters will never get bashed once ever.

Maybe poster will stop getting bashed when they stop using the word LOCK, and or lieing about their performance. So the real backbone of this site gets slapped some more.

EGD - I had no say in it at the time but the Rubber Room was set up to be just that, an anything goes forum. and we have seen some dumb ones. The RR did turn into a respectful place but then these stupid flame wars started. We try to space them evenly between the 2 when we feel the need to move them


EGD, Don't worry about the RR it will take care of itself once Football season starts. Actually all of it isn't garbage but we try and keep the picks forums as clean as we can. Well unless the fix was in. Why should all the ridiculous threads be put in the RR anyway?

I'll even defend the OH say why are these types of threads allowed anyway? The RX is supposedly supposed to be a sports gambling forum yet it turns into some juvenile detention center daily with the ridiculous threads getting tons of hits while threads by solid cappers are barely even noticed.

EGD - I respect your opinion but it's just not feasible to have everyone here saying yes and no sir to each other all the time. That was Peep's brainchild and I see no reason to do away with it. Please save it for the Rubber Room or the Outhouse. Therefore there is no need to bash them. I've known you from here a while but if you're suggesting to make the RR/Outhouse flame free I don't think that will ever happen.

EGD.the RR is still for the foodfights. The idea is you know what to expect down there so if it offends you than stay away. lets all be lt;good posters

EGD. To me the fighting and all is just part of coming to the forum.Why waste your time bashing them???


There has NEVER been a bet placed that was a LOCK. Wait till football season comes around, then this place will really turn into a zoo.To me its pointless insulting a screen name on a posting forum in the middle of the internet, but to each his own. None of us are the same. Anyway the point is there will be a dedicated effort to keeping them to certain areas of the site.

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