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Remember when “freepicks” announced he was offering a free 2-week trial of s p .

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Take a chance on my service, as the trial will start upon being contacted.10 units
7/9: Colorado O12.15 units
7/7: Astros O9-110 (1 Unit) --- 7-1/Loss –1. I offer an honest fair service that cannot be matched.5-115 (2 Units)

7/12: Houston U9-120 (1 Unit) --- 5-2/WIN +1. I only bet on totals as I have developed a unique system to beat them consistently. I do not expect people to simply trust my word so I offer a two-week trial to give you an idea of what I can do for you.55 units

Edited to correct the 7/12 Padres result

[This message was edited by k.00 units
7/12: San Diego U9+105 (2 Units) ---9-7/Loss -2. I have been in business for three years now and the reason I have become successful is because I am able to maintain a consistency that others cannot match.5-105 (2 Units) --- 7-1/Loss –2.00 unit
7/8: Toronto O9-115 (1 Unit) --- 2-1/Loss –1.”

Here is what he has sent out so far:

7/13: Mets U8.20 units
7/9: Cubs O8-105 (2 Units) --- 5-1/Loss –2.10 units

For those who would have faded him from the beginning, you would be:

10-3-1/+10.B U8+100 (1 Unit) --- 6-5/Loss –1.5-110 (2 Units)
7/13: L.10 units
7/8: Cubs O7.5+105 (1 Unit) --- 4-3/Loss –1. and
someone criticized us for not giving him a chance,
ha , you seen one tout come in here like that you pretty much seen them all, and you know what the outcome will be, damn i wish i wouldve got his plays cause i knew it was a definite fade

its good to see someone made out

i hope we still get another week of picks!!!

Me too.00 units
7/11: Oakland O7.A U12.Remember when “freepicks” announced he was offering a free 2-week trial of his picks, saying the following:

” I would like to introduce my service to any of you who may be interested in making great profits betting on MLB Totals.

You will get picks through July 31. I look forward to hearing from those of you who would like to invest two-weeks of your time and attention to my selections. He sent out an e-mail to us all saying if we wanted his picks through the end of the month to send him an e-mail saying so.5-105(2 Units) --- 2-0/Loss –2. During the two-weeks I like to be able to get to know the people who may invest in my service.5-120 (2 Units) --- 11-7/WIN +2.10 units
7/11: Florida O8-105 (2 Units) --- 5-4/WIN +2. I already did that.00 units
7/12: T.75 Units

It gets even worse when he picks the Cubs

0-3-1/-5. lang on July 13, 2003 at 11:28 AM. I ask all of you to simply take a chance with my service for two-weeks as you will not be disappointed.5+100 (2 Units) --- 7-3/Loss –2.10 unit
7/7: Cubs O9-115 (1 Unit) --- 6-3/Push

It adds up to:


I think he lost the SD game on 7/12

yep look at that, i remember that thread i posted in it about someone getting his free picks sent to their bogus hotmail acct.5-115 (2 Units)
7/13: Yankees O11-110 (2 Units)
7/13: Oakland U8.00 units
7/12: Cubs U8.00 units
7/9: Pittsburgh O10-110 (2 Units) --- 2-1/Loss –2.d. Using my service you will average 1-2 plays per day and I use a 1 and 2 unit betting system. By the way, for providing you all these picks, can any of you get me a woman to have sex with? The more butch looking she is the better!

whats his email address, i want to join in

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