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what is the best way from irkutsk to ulan batan

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So each way you go, it will be an adventure in its own right.Pretty run
downtrain cars, broken windows, dirty, and no food service then,
about 10 years ago.

Plus none of our compartment reservations held upwhen we boarded as
a group and our local Irkutsk Intourist guide just left us on our own
with our company tour guide (who was taking this trip for the first
time too)when the car reservastions did not work out.

There is no delay for bogie-changing at the Russian-Mongolian border -- that
happens at the Chinese border. But we made it and it was
terrific to see all the endless Siberian forests from the air. And the Mongolian guards and
all sorts of people came on the train and went through all the
compartments, just looking out of curiosity I think.Departure from Irkutsk
and arrival in Ulan Batar the daytime, which is convenient.

Larry in Berkeley, California (seaotter 6 at a o l dot c o m)(no spaces in

I took this train in 1984. Just the normal give and take when traveling to remote places. But the scenery was pretty stunning and remote
after entering Mongolia. From Suhbaatar to Ulaanbaatar train costs only 2,5 USD (its
cheaper than train directly from Irkutsk to Ulaanbaatar). it was about 14 hours.hi
what is the best way from irkutsk to ulan batan - bus, train etc
and how long does it take
is there any bordertrouble

In article , dietmarwrites:

nbsp;gt;what is the best way from irkutsk to ulan batan - bus, train etc
nbsp;gt;and how long does it take
nbsp;gt;is there any bordertrouble

Assuming you mean what is usually called Ulan Batar or Ulaanbataar, the latest
schedule I have (1997, in the excellent Trans-Siberian Handbook) shows the
train takes 24 hours, give or take 30 minutes (depending on which train). Before she disappeared into a
compartment with some traveling hard-drinking Russian engineeers who
she later claimed were real playboys when she finally emerged a day
and half later.
Border crossing was then much simpler than previously. Our negotiations ended only after some rude comments
about Americans in the process.

Mongolian Airlines was pretty basic too.

There was a bit of minor rock-throwing between the Mongolian train
workers and the Russian soldiers on the train when we passed through
A protracted negotiation with some squatters in our reserved
compartment and the offering of some small gifts we collected amongst
ourselves left us all bunked up togehter finally.
tom in Chicago

dietmarwrote in message news:. There are some dusty parkswith benches and a small

You spend a lot of time at the Mongolian/Russian border to switch the
undercarriage of the trains, and perhaps also mesh into the timetables
for the Mongolian trains. Those with a single
supplement had to share their twin bedded compartment with some
strangers. I think insults were exchanged.


I took the train and then flew back on Mongolian airlines.
From Suhbaatar to Ulaanb. Sliced cucumbers two ways on
tin trays with a tongue sandwich for our inflight meal and no seat
belts and I believe the tires were bald.It took 24 hours including about 4 hours at the
Chinese border, where you can get off the train and eat. It seemed to stop at every little town on its
way out of Russia so it took a very long time. We were warned to
watch out for petty theft and getting bumped in the crowds that
would gather around the entrances to the trains.
nbsp;what is the best way from irkutsk to ulan batan - bus, train etc
nbsp;and how long does it take
nbsp;is there any bordertrouble

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