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!have a parenting

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If not, he's young yet (imo, for a boy) and I'm sure we'll not be using diapers in college.Honestly, I'd take it one thing at a time. Period.He told me potty: for the first time yetserday and went peepee in the potty.

Tell him: this is what we're going to do this morning. Sometimes it is because his 4yop brother is not up yet, other times it is something else - I get him to the bathroom OK, other times I have to carry him. like clockwork every morning. Only thing is he does wear a pull-up (refuses to wear thick trainers, etc.Now, one day later.

I do think u are right - I think he is just hungry.watching gulla gulla island because he wouldn't sleep.Good luck mama, it's so frustrating.If he won't sit in his chair, we have a small ikea table in the kitchen that he can sit at, so he wont' fall. but then he wont sit or go, he refuses so I start getting him dressed again, then he says potty then the whole thing starts.I also have been guilty of just letting him go naked after taking off his wet diaper for breakfast, so you might try that.Hopefully this morning he will just sleep through it since we were up til 4:00 a.
okay, you just described my mornings when Ramses is in a bad mood. Sometimes he gets in bed with me and I let him watch cartoons, other days we get up right away, and have breakfast, etc. help.And just be sure to keep it consistent.We gave him a sticker and made a chart.he's always been an early riser, so when he's cranky by 8 or 9 it's was so hard.Now we call him the Little Boy that Cried Potty.And he HATES being changed. Used to be my 4yo was upset now the 2yo is. I feel it is something that must be done before eating, etc. I am really going insane - need some advice. Fine, I am OK with that. the whole thing continues with the cereal - it's not the right kind, until he piushes it away spilling it, I take it away, then he wants it back. then as I am getting him dressed, he says potty - that's why he is fighting getting dressed - he wants everything off to go P.

The saying potty thing is a control issue with DS.m.For now, he'll only wear shirts with stripes.2 cartoons, 2 cereals, 2 outfits, etc. - we tried all that) but we are PL so in the morning I do take him potty change him, etc. the whole morning i am thinking he is just tired, it's early - but He is the one who gets up, etc.?

2yo is too young i think to have the 'cause and effect' thing down. mama, and hang in there, he'll get used to the routine, just stay strong and keep going with it.For now, we're just putting him on the potty at certain times.

My near 2yo wakes every morning about 6am. Then he's upset that Daddy is gone to work, etc.Hi!have a parenting ?? - I dont know where else to post, but we have this same situation every morning.

Then we get into - he doesnt want to get undressed, so I undress him, he is fighting the whole time.

I will try the nakey thing - just makes me nervous because he usually still has to go more after u take the diaper off.But instead of words, draw pictures.

he is fine when he gets up but when it is time to go potty, he totally throws a fit. If he gets it, cool.Talk to him first thing in the morning, Daddy has to go to work, mommy has to (fill in the blank) and you are going to (fill in the blank). Then he eats. This is nuts.we have a rule about being dressed at the dinner table, so the nakey thing isn't an option for us, but we do let the kids eat in thier jammies before getting dressed since they are hungry as soon as thier feet hit the floor!!!

Sounds like your little one needs some consistency.He also loves his shoes, which he picks out regardless of whether the are appropriate or not, but he has to get dressed first. THis is really wearing on me!

After about 2 tries, I take him down for breakfast, but he doesnt want to sit at the table - I buckle him in his safety seat - he screams that it is too tight (bc he is trying to get out the whole time) then when I get frustrated and get him out, he gets back in and screams buckle - he wants to be bucked.they understand some, and then other times they are clueless!my 2yo was doing this for 2 weeks straight and finally quit. I guess too little to understand that he needs to do something else first.Ours was $20 brand news, so I don't care if it gets ruined. It's not the right shirt, he doesnt want the training pants - doesnt want the shorts - but if I give him a choice, then what he chooses is not the right one for him- he still fights what he chose.Like on poster board.We get the same thing.I was thrilled.He loves going by-by, so I tell him he has to get dressed to go by-by, and we play peek-a-boo with his shirt - he thinks its funny.He saw how much we praised and made a huge fuss over the potty. I feel like I can not do this, but I cant get in my van and drive away.If you think he HAS to get dressed after getting up in the morning--then fight that and maybe not stress out about the potty so much.then he's more apt to get dressed if he's not hungry and cranky.(Yes, I'm already up, didn't really go to sleep).

My DS is 22 (almost 23 in a week) months old.Since he's so young, make a chart.

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