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My DD is going to be one in a week

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Thanks Momma. He drinks everything else from a cup, and can even drink his brothers stuff out of a straw. of formula into her was by adding it to her cereal. my daught.Now, I'm not saying your baby should be walking around with a bottle until she's 3 years old. She refuses to drink formula or milk out of a cup. i feel the same way. At night, he wants his bottle before he goes to bed, he drinks that in about 5 minutes (although he now holds his own bottle, but didnt do that until around 12 months). but she's a bit too old now I think for me to continue buying baby cereal and yours may be too.My daught. You could also mix in milk to oatmeal, or stews or other foods you make for her. He is now going to be 16 months, and guess what? He still takes his formula from a bottle, and I dont care. The rest of the day, I always have a sippy cup available with water. I will just keep doing that until she is ready!

I'm not understanding why people think you shouldn't give her a bottle anymore?I breastfeed, but plan to let my baby nurse until she's decided she's done (for my oldest that was 3. doesn't do bottles because she went from the breast to a regular cup.He gets up in the morning, and the first thing he wants is his tummy full, which he chugs an 8 ounce bottle to do that. try giving her the cup while your holding and rocking her so you can transition her. I will just keep doing that until she is ready!

Originally Posted by SunnyjThanks Momma. She will drink water or diluted juice. but if the only way you can get her to take her more nutritious drink is a bottle--don't take it away from her!

ya.She doesn't really want a bottle anymore because she is too busy running around. When I put formula in the cup she takes one sip and pushes it away.8%, 3. I will try that tonight!

Sounds just like my ds.
good luck!

Thanks for the advice Mommas.Luckily, I've had the breast to fall back on but the truth is you can't force them so I would say offer a cup of milk (cows milk can start at 1 year of age- whole milk, and i discovered you want to get the milk with 150-160 calories lt; 3. I always hold her and rock her when she gets one.

Thanks for the advice Momma. Also, she does not hold her own bottle. Is it really that horrible? No. is not a big drinker from a cup except lately since the weather is hot now.
I did have one thought, maybe they cant really taste formula when they drink from a bottle, but in a cup they can, and may not like it?
Eh, there are worse things we could do than give our kids a bottle after 1 year. What should I do? Keep giving her a morning and night bottle, or try to switch to the cup? Please, ideas needed! do you know any tricks to getting her to drink from a cup?

maybe she wants the comfort she gets when you hold her and she gets the bottle.25%, and Homogonized vitamin D milkgt;at every meal time (at least 3 meals per day, and snack time) .My DD is going to be one in a week. i feel the same way. i am feeling the family pressure to take it away! I give her a bottle at night and first thing in the morning.When she was younger and I was giving her the baby cereals, the only way I could get a significant amt. i am feeling the family pressure to take it away! I give her a bottle at night and first thing in the morning. You can also give cheese (mozerella, cheddar), and whole milk yogurt (Nancy's brand plain honey) for added calcium and healthy too.5 years).I have found, they will drink if they are thirsty.

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