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Ok so we have been a fast food eating junk loving not enough veggies and whole g

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localhost/disposableaardvarksinc. Yum! My kids love it too. They are pretty sweet. Steam and mash sweet potatoes. My brother has breaded and fried it.But stayed tuned, and I will get busy with lots of delicious veggie (mostly vegan) kid friendly meals.

Pad Thai is a little involved, but you can shred carrots and zucchini and mix it with the noddles and small cubes of tofu and I think most kids like it. If you want to set your granola, put in fridge for 1 hour then take out and enjoy. You could definitely blend up some veggies and disguise it in the peanut sauce too. Sometimes I stick them in the broiler for like 20 seconds at the end. Enjoy!

Have you taken a look at that Jessica Seinfeld book or the sneaky chef.Mine is just getting started, so I don't have a ton of stuff posted yet. He loved
My friend Liz's bloglocalhost/veganmother. I like them really gooey sometimes and other times set better so it's up to you.blogspot.

If you eat cheese, sliced polenta topped with cheese, tomatoes and avocado with salsa and sour cream and cooked in a pan in a little butter or olive oil.

Tofu can be mixed into ricotta cheese ad put in lasagna or on top of pizza.Ok so we have been a fast food eating, junk loving, not enough veggies and whole grains family for a while now.

Tofu can be mixed into mashed sweet or white potatoes. My kids will eat anything if they can dip it, and peanut sauce has a lot of protein (and fat too though). Everything is super small in there so they don't realize they're eating veggies or tofu. The flavor is pretty strong. She also makes tomato soup with fresh tomatoes and spices, soy milk, sugar, and blended tofu that makes it really creamy.
With LO uofm=EACH
Also,Here's a recipe for making your own homemade instant flavored oatmeal:
localhost/I make some yummy homemade granola bars with oats that you might like to try:
2 cups oats
2 cups rice krispies
1/2 cup of one of the following is optional: raisens, coconut, dried fruit, chocolate chips, * if using chocolate chips, don't add untill mixture is cool or it will be messy
Mix all the dried ingredients together in a large bowl
In a saucepan mix on low heat:
1/3 cup sugar (raw sugar works too if you want to be healthier)
1/2 cup corn syrup (I use brown rice syrup to be healthier, similiar to c. It's small pieces, but everything is good breaded and fried, right?? Also, the Quorn fake chicken patties--we made chicken parmasagne (??) with those and gave it to my grandpa and he didn't even notice. They can be pretty healthy and the kids really think they taste like rice kripie treats.I have one my son simply REFUSES to take a lunch to school, but it's been helping to put dishes together, or meal ideas together for things he'll eat. Eat with salsa, sour cream, or vanilla mole sauce if you're up for it.

For fast easy breakfast, dp sometimes buys a roll of crescent rolls and fills them with stuff like the fake breakfast sausage and a little maple syrup and just bakes them by the package directions. She's in Chicago and she gave us some to bring home.

Hope that gives you some ideas! Now I want to eat every food I just told you

Pasta dishes soups are fun especially if your kids enjoy playing around cutting vegetables. You can also put seitan or those Morningstar chicken strips on these. My kids love parsnips cooked like this too, or parsnips just sliced and cooked in a little butter in a pan. DD1 and Idrank it cold all the way home, it was so good! We drank it all! It's great because it has so much protein.

My kids love peanut sauce.

Luckily, my veggie baby is only 9 months old and likes everything I give him!I am not looking forward to him ever being picky about food. Press into a 9 x 13
And my blog that just startedlocalhost/aryaskitchen. We love the Wasabiyaki that Soy Ve makes.blogspot.

A copy of the Vegan Lunchbox cookbook sounds like somethingthat could help you here. You can slice it and marinate it any sauce that you like and bake it or fry and eat it with rice and steamed veggies. Spread the beans, sweet potatoes and corn on tortillas and top with a 2nd tortilla, sprinkle with chihuahua or other salty cheese if you eat cheese, and bake at 350 for maybe 5-10 minutes or until they're a little golden and crispy. Sweet potatoes can be brushed with oil and baked at 250 or 300 until they're crispy.

These all have great recipes. Leftovers save well.

OK one last thing--I love veggie cooking, can you tell? If your kids like chicken, stock up on is one of my favorite websites. You can stickmashed black beans in those and eat them with salsa. It's not all vegetarian but it has ideas to mask vegetables/fruit

My favorite recipe is black beans with garlic, onion, cumin, diced tomatoes, juice of a fresh orange, simmered with the orange for a bit, then mashed.

Have you tried veggie Asian dumplings? You can make them at home or buy a frozen back and steam or fry them and give the kids tamari or sweet and sour for dip.

My vegan friend has a daycare and she always makes a really fast soup with frozen or leftover chopped veggies, cubed tofu, noodles, and broth, and every kid she's had there has loved it. Those are also really goodoff the grill. Buy or make the small ones because they fall apart when kids eat them. You can blend up every veggie you have, mix it 1:1 with tomato sauce and serve it with noodles or, if it's bath night, finger noodles or ravioli dipped in the sauce, which my girls will eat till the sun burns out . This saved me a couple of times when I was pregnant with dd2 and felt like I needed a meal with tons of protein.

I put tofu and veggies into everything.she has a TON of recipes and her blog shares alot of things she makes for her kids.

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