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So I need a bit of help from you mamas who have been where we are right now

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This is his current schedule:

-6:30-7:15a, he wakes up (more often than not, 6:40-6:45)
-2 hours later, he goes into his crib for about 45 minutes of quiet time- unless he woke before 7, and then he will take about a 45 minute nap
-12:30p, lunch
-1:30-3:30-4p, afternoon nap
-5:30-5:45p, dinner
-7, bathtime and quiet booktime
-7:15-7:30p, we say good night

He usually will sit in his crib and 'read' a book or play with his animals and talk to them until 8, when he drifts off to sleep.That's what DD uses and it works like a charm. Thanks for all your help and suggestions mamas!

I guess every kid is different.

Ben is going to be 17 months in a few days.His schedule is pretty close to your lo's. very whiney these last couple of weeks, during the transition.

Hope that helps.Her schedule was similar to your son's, and during transition she napped at 11:00 (she was so tired by then) and went to bed at 6:00 to ensure plenty of rest. He wakes around 7 or 8, naps from 11-1 and 4-6 and goes to bed at 10 p.If he goes too much earlier he is miserably tired by the time5pm rolls around.This last week or so we have been switching to one nap. Thank you again!

You can save money and just buy a fan for white noise.So I gradually moved this nap later and later.She's kind of been on a 5:30am wake up kick the past few weeks, but that has more to do with the birds waking her than anything else.My 16 monthold still takes 2 naps a day and I don't think he'll be dropping one any time soon.My 12-year-old stepson still sleeps with the fan on every night!

Are you sure he's ready to drop that second nap?The more sleep little ones get the better they will sleep.

I would be more than happy if he wanted to keep the morning nap, though more often than not, he stays awake and chit-chats to himself.She naturally dropped her second nap, so for a while she would only sleep at her morning nap, around 9:00. Thank you again!

Originally Posted by sistersusannah

Mamas, thank you so much for all the suggestions.The nap must end by 3pm or bedtime doesn't happen nicely. I might try that with DS in the next couple of mornings.Summer dawn times will mess with wake up time some, but your LO still needs to get his full night's sleep, so a later bedtime doesn't do him justice. I would rather have the naps in the daytime and let my husband spend time with him at night when he gets home you know?

I don't know if the later bedtime=more sleep, you know? Sometime my LO is too riled up and won't go to sleep til 11 and it always seems like the next day he's up earlier than ever.

Hmm. He is very good at independant play, and no, we do not do TV for him at all. I did read another suggestion last night that I scoffed at at first, but I might just actually tryi it- get one of those alarm clocks that plays white noise, ocean sounds, etc to block out the sound of noise outside the window.I think in time you will find a routine that works for you. In the winter I point it away from her, and now that the weather is warmer I have it aimed at her for cool air.I have put nap time off till 12:30 and he sleeps for about 2 hours. And I think I will keep his bedtime where it is, 8 just seems too late.He seems to wake in the am around 7 ish.Good Luck.He then gets a bath around 6:30 and story and in bed by7 pm.And I know most of the world naps after lunch, but we still (at 18-months) have a 12:00 nap, then a 7:00 bedtime, and a 6:30/7:00 wake up time. (Occasionally he will wake at 5-530 when DH gets up for work, usually if he didn't eat a lot of supper the night before, but a quick bottle and he goes back to sleep till 7 or so. So far, it is not doing much where his wake-up time is concerned.And we moved bedtime a bit earlier, also.maybe move nap up a little bit?I found that when my DD was transitioning to one nap, the earlier the nap the better. I heard the phrase sleep begets sleep somewhere.

I'd advise one nap, ending before 3pm and keeping your bedtime when it is. My 19 month old still takes 2 naps a day, 2 hours each.Seems to work like a charm.

Mamas, thank you so much for all the suggestions.

I have been moving his lunch-time up and his nap-time up in the afternoon up as well, trying to get lunch to noon and nap to 1, hoping that that would help.It doesn't matter how early or late the nap starts, it's always about 2 hours and we don't do a second one.Our meal times can be a little wonky as DH works shift work but Ben seems to adjust well.I find he does tend to get a little sleepy in the am some days, but if I keep him busy and active (usually in the yard) he can make it till lunch and then nap. Like he needs more attention and more mommy-time- which just baffles me in that I am a SAHM, he is my only child, I play with him and read him books, etc.

thanks for the suggestions mamas, does anyone else have any?

Our current schedule with DD, at 18 months, is this:

6am awake
11:30am lunch
12pm nap
2pm awake
5:45 dinner
6:30 bath, lotion, stories, potty
7pm I leave and DD is asleep within 5 min

HOWEVER, on days that I run errands in the morning, it usually puts her nap from 11am-1pm and lunch afterwards, since she falls asleep on the way home and sleeps thru her nap.

My sister's suggestion was to move his bed-time back to 8-8:30p, but that just seems so late to me. DS is 17 monthes old and is transitioning from 2 naps to 1 nap a day and now his bedtime and night-time sleep, and wake-up times are all wonky.So I need a bit of help from you mamas who have been where we are right now.

Does anyone have any suggestions? My main concerns are what time to put him to bed and trying to get him to sleep a bit later in the morning.

6:30-7am wake up
9-11am nap
12pm lunch
2-4pm nap
7pm bedtime

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