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TMI alert about our toddlers

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There was one time he didn't go for a few days, but he was in a lot of pain and was constipated.What diet changes have you made?I'm still experimenting with dd but we have cut out all bread and that seems to help.not EBF poop but more like peanut butter consistency. everyday. but im glad they don't have the problem your LO does. She rarely poops everyday, or at least that's how its been for the past two months or so. Also when she goes her poop is still pretty soft.She goes once a day though it is totally solid/hard and I really hope it doesn't get worse in the future. i am so sick of poop.

I know there was a mama on here who had a thread a while ago about her LO who was chronically constipated, and I think there was actually a medical name for the condition.DD not so much.I'm wondering if your son has learned that having a BM is painful, and now holds it in as long as possible to avoid the discomfort.

my boys go a couple times a day.She has more constipation issues even though she is bf.We finally gave him a suppository and he went in about 15 minutes, but the whole time he was screaming bloody murder and running in circles.She had not gone for about 4 to 6 days and then yesterday she went three times and then once more today.

DS has and still does go 2-3 times a day.

DD averages once a day, though sometimes she'll go twice in one day and skip the next.Maybe she'll pop in and say something. that's terrible, poor sweetie.does he drink enough water? im sure you have thought of that, it was just the first thing i thought of.

How often does your toddler have a BM?DSon days she'll sometimes go twice, but then she doesn't go again till two days after that.She very rarely has diapers where the poop actually falls off the diaper.

DS goes 2-3 times a day, but I have a feeling that is more than usual.

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