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Attention all Skybook Sportsbook NBA BEST BET Cappers

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Thanks again. This is what I based the no bye call on for tonight.

Jack - I sincerely HOPE not also. You can play a BEST BET from the schedule or pass. I decided that 3 sides and three totals were sufficient enough options for all contestants to make a selection.

Just wondering, who decides?

It would seem that from a best bet point of view, the 3 games tonight, the day before the break, should have invoked the ruling, and we should be allowed to pass.

So, not griping, it's a free contest and all, but would like to know who gets to decide when the 3 games are few enough to pass, and when they aren't?

Thanks to everyone running, and sponsoring the contest, and as I have said, just looking for information, because I almost automatically passed since the rules had been amended to say that 3 games entitles you to a pass, and would have lost my 5 game streak if I did pass. You are welcome to inquire with Skybook if this explanation is not satisfactory. For future reference: 3 or less games will be the minimum amount of games needed to invoke this ruling again.

Thanks, wil. The bye rule is really for nights when no lines are available for more than enough games to make the schedule viable. Remember play if you have a BEST BET or POST A PASS TODAY reply if you do not CHOOSE TO MAKE A SELECTION.Attention all Skybook Sportsbook NBA BEST BET Cappers.

IMPORTANT - You must post even if you pass - just post the word pass or bye in the contest thread. The question of when to use the bye rule is essentially up to myself.But, it is stated that we MUST choose, or lose our streak on a night when, historically, anything can happen.It just seemed that there were other nights with 3 games (maybe it was fewer since there were 3 games on the schedule and some didn't have a line?) that were allowed to be passes, and from a handicapping point of view (others are entitled to disagree), leading up to the all-star break, you have to flip a coin sometimes to see if a team is going to show up, or take the all-star break early.

I hope I don't have to 'dq' someone for not posting a bye. I do not want to force anyone to choose from a schedule this small. We decided that anything less than 6 different options would be the cut-off point to envoke the rule. Some of you apparently did not see this yesterday.wil. I am trying to make this contest as fair as possible, like I explained yesterday about not adding games after the contest is originally posted.


Thanks for the explanation.

wil. In light of the small 3 game schedule on Tuesday (3 games that have lines), I am going to invoke &the you can pass if you want& ruling that we used last week under similar circumstances.


Bart, all the original rules were decided during a conference between Skybook management and myself.

I appreciate all the work being done to run the contest.

Good Luck,

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